A husband and wife from the rural outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, who love our kids, Jesus, good company with friends, good food, quality B-grade movies, watching TV, playing music and talking about overseas travel.

We originally set up this blog to document our travels through Europe in 2009. Following that, we left it lie dormant.

Now, a new adventure is underway and we’re going to blog about it.

For most of our married life we’ve talked about possibly living and working overseas. Finally a job opportunity has come up and we’ve jumped at it, and landed in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The Deep South. The Heart of Dixie. The land of fried catfish and corn bread.

So, we’ll post here about life in general and our experiences in the US of A, looking at it from the inside, from the perspective of outsiders.

Scott is interested in most things computery, whilst Sharon prefers to apply herself to the culinary arts.

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