Texas with the Ray’s!

December 19th was Cory Ray’s wedding.  We were so excited to be able to attend it!  It meant catching up with Cory, and sharing in his special day with his new bride Hannah, and also seeing Mark and Karen, whom we hadn’t seen in a really long time!  Win, Win.

The wedding was in Corpus Christi, which meant a LONG trip to Southern Texas for the wedding, on route to Wisconsin for Christmas. Loose, Loose!  It was not the most fun part of our vacation.

All told we clocked 3,645 miles –  5,832 kms over our two week Christmas break!  (Those number are straight from Scott, so you know they’re accurate – as if I would know down to the mile/km!)  We are definitely getting out and seeing this country!

It was great to catch up with Mark and Karen, and also catch up with all the kids (now adults, with kids of their own – so much fun!).

Cory and Hannah. Mark performed the Ceremony.


Scott and Faith at the Reception


Scott, Sharon, Mark and Karen! It was SO great to see them!

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