Our Baby is Nine – Emma’s special Day!

Ten years ago, we found out that we were pregnant.  We were VERY unprepared for being parents.  We had only be married for 9 months, and had planned to wait a couple of years before having a baby.  However, God had other plans for us, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Emma was born at 2pm on the 12th of December, and our lives changed forever that day.  She made me a Mum.  It’s the best gift I’ve ever been given.  Being her Mum has made me a better person!  I love her in a crazy way!

Emma is a great kid, and I’m not just saying that because she’s mine!  She truly is a wonderful person – despite Scott and I needing training wheels as parents!  Emma is turning into a brilliant young lady.

Emma decided that she wanted to have a sleep over with some of her close friends, so here are some photos of the fun that the girls had together!

Thanks to everyone who sent Birthday wishes, or called Emma for her Birthday – she loved getting the attention!  Love to you all.

Emma with her new "E" bag - how cute is that!

Emma opening presents.

From left - Isabella, Faith, Emma, Chandleigh and Skylar.


Cupcakes for dessert.


Happy Birthday Baby!

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2 Responses to Our Baby is Nine – Emma’s special Day!

  1. Daile says:

    Looks like great fun, belated happy birthday to Emma. xx

  2. Katie says:

    Happy Birthday Emma!

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