O Christmas Tree

Okay, so any of you who know me a bit, will know that I’m a LITTLE bit particular about my Christmas tree.  That may be an understatement, but there it is.

We have always had a fake tree, because I like my tree to be perfect – no gaps, not lop sided, pretty as can be.  So, fake tree was the way to go for me.

This year, being our first Christmas in the US, I was on the hunt for a good fake tree, but I was having no luck.  On one such disappointing afternoon, on my way home from the mall, I drove past a Christmas tree sales area.  They were real trees, and they were beautiful!  I was transfixed!  I stopped and checked them out – they were perfect!!!!  There were two little old men selling the trees, and they couldn’t have been more charming, making the whole experience even more fun!

The girls and I went and picked up a tree the next night.  The two lovely men helped us tie it to the roof of the car, and then off we went home where Scott was waiting to bring it inside.  We had fun getting it all set up and decorated.  And yes, it’s decorated with popcorn and candy canes – only red and white!  I may have bought a real tree, but some things will always stay the same!

Emma and the tree!

Faith and her new friend "spot", and the tree!

The girls putting the lights on the tree.

Emma all aglow.

Dad helps Faith with the top of the tree.


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  1. Daile says:

    Great to see some posts! Can we have a picture of the ‘finished’ tree? I am so jealous – it looks like a beautiful tree. Does it smell wonderful? xx

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