Weekend in Mississippi

This last weekend we went to Mississippi with some friends from church. Powers and Taylor Lane, and their daughters Serenity (10) and London (almost 2) invited us to spend the weekend at Taylor’s parents home in a small town called Columbus.

We packed up and headed off on Friday afternoon, with very specific instructions from Taylor on how to find their home. She was slightly concerned that we wouldn’t be able to find the house in the dark. With instructions in hand we headed toward small town Mississippi!

The instructions were great, and we found the house with only one small misstep, and made it in plenty of time for a delicious meal of Chicken Spaghetti Friday evening! It was the start of an amazing weekend!

We rode the four wheeler, fed the horses, found fresh water clams in the lake, and picked pecans! It was so much fun.

Scott went off on a big Southern adventure with Powers on Saturday night, and adventured out to a college football game. He had a great night, and even found himself really getting into the game at a couple of crucial moments! Who would have guessed?

We really enjoyed spending the weekend away, but the best bit of all was getting to know our new friends better! It was great. Here are lots of photos to show just how much fun we had! Happy viewing y’all!

My boy and my girls! Ah!

Scott giving the kids a ride on the gate!


The girls in a tree next to the pond.


We managed to get a smile out of Emma, even though she was up a tree and a bit nervous!


The girls looking for fresh water mussels. I know you can't see them, but I liked the photo!


Serenity and Faith. Faith LOVED the four wheeler! The faster the better!


Faith and I having a cuddle while picking pecans.

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2 Responses to Weekend in Mississippi

  1. Em says:

    Looks like fun!

  2. Daile says:

    Picking pecans and looking for mussels and freshwater clams….now they are not things you can do around here!

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