There was supposed to be an earth-shattering ‘Hip Hip, Hooray’!

We’ve made some good friends through church, through a small group that we’ve been going to on Saturday mornings. (Which we think has really saved us with regard to church.)

This last Saturday night there was a birthday party for one of the guys from the small group, and we were invited. It was a great time to sit and enjoy a meal with some of the people that we’ve been getting to know. The kids have really hit it off and ran around crazy – particularly after enjoying the cake.

However, I experienced a serious case of culture shock, and it surprised me.

It came to the time of the night to sing Happy Birthday, and as the final ‘… to you’ rang out, I took in a breath to belt out a boisterous “Hip, Hip! Hooray.” But everyone there, just started clapping. There was no “Hip, Hip! Hooray”. There’s supposed to be a “Hip, Hip! Hooray”.

It felt like a great injustice had been done, that the celebration wasn’t complete yet.

All that aside, we are making good friends, enjoying getting to know people and sharing life’s celebrations with them.

But where have the “Hip, Hip! Hoorays” gone?

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  1. Em says:

    I hear ya sister!

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