Halloween Party

Okay, so we’re Aussies, right? Well, we were completely unprepared for the Halloween madness that is October in the US! It is crazy here people! I can not believe that people spend so much time and money on such a ridiculous event! Sorry to all of you who love this holiday and embrace it openly, but I just don’t get it. It’s a personal opinion, so don’t go getting all mad at all Australians just because one of us (and let’s be honest, how Australian am I really? It’s been disputed so many times in my life, where I’m from – the joy of being an MK – but there it is, on my birth certificate) has a negative opinion on the subject!

However, that being said, our friends R and S were throwing a nice big juicy party out at the Farm, and we were honoured to be invited, and had a great time – albeit with a few hiccups along the way.

Faith getting her princess makeup on! She was VERY excited!

Batgirl, and Rupunzel! They were gorgeous.

Hiccups? Oh yes. I don’t think we really prepared our girls for what people did on Halloween! Oops. They still seem to be sleeping okay, so I think we’re good! Faith went down to the barn at the farm, and came back stating in a most distressed voice, “The barn is creepy Mom!” (Yes, Mom – I have ceased to be “Mum”. I must admit that I love it no matter how it’s pronounced, so there it is!) I proceeded to try and explain that it was meant to be that way, and it was a bit hard for her to understand that it had been done on purpose! Hiccup number one.

Hiccup number two. Faith ended up in tears at the end of a game (scary, of course, but not too bad for the little ones), because she didn’t know what to do, and everyone was looking at her! Scary enough, without the assistance of costumes, let’s be honest! We managed to calm her down – candy, of course, but she could not be persuaded to join in the game of finding and building a skeleton. Don’t blame her.

Hiccup number three – the pinata. Each of the kids got to have a turn hitting the pinata, except for Emma. Poor little Emma is so timid that she kind of got pushed out of the way by some excited boys who, of course, hit the pinata with all the pent up aggression that 10 year old boys manage to store, breaking it before she got a turn. That’s when it started to go downhill. She was slightly upset by this, a bit teary, but not out of control – problem dodged? Not hardly! Then there was the mad dash for the candy, when all the kids (except Emma), happily pounced on the floor and grabbed greedily as quickly as they could, all the candy their little hands, tops, masks, whatever they had on hand, could hold. Except Emma. She proceed to scream hysterically, “there’s kids all over the candy, there’s kids everywhere!” Sob, sob, sob, hiccup, sob. It was not pretty, civilised, age appropriate, you name it, it was not it! God bless that girl, she really knows how to make a scene! Must get it from her Dad! Ha. We removed her from the scene of the crime and managed to calm her down enough to get her some candy! Phew.

The night ended with a fun hay ride around the property for the little kids, and a scary one through the woods for the older kids. A great night was had by all. I was so impressed with all the work that our friends put in to make it an enjoyable night for all! Batgirl (Emma) and Rupunzel (Faith) had a great time (hiccups aside), and on the way home in the car Faith decided, “Mom, we should go back there tomorrow and play!” All was well in the world.

Emma looking quite pleased with her choice of costume.

The most beautiful princess ever!

My friend Stacy and I. She's Alice, and I'm the too cheap to buy a costume lady!

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4 Responses to Halloween Party

  1. Em says:

    Steep learning curve hey?! Next year you’ll be pros! I heard on the news that Americans spend more money on Halloween than they do for any other holiday. Given they start the craziness as early as September I’m not surprised!

  2. Scott says:

    Hi Em. I’d heard that it was the second most spent on (? – need a better term) holiday at $6.9 billion (that’s a whole lotta candy!). The article didn’t state what the most costly was though. I’d be guessing Christmas – the gifts are more expensive.

  3. Clairzy says:

    Sharon! Where is the rest of you??! Skinny mininny!

  4. Jeff and Ann Weir says:

    hey strangers! shocked to hear that y’all are living on this side of the ‘pond’ – spoke with your folks on skype and they told us the news. so i went back over all your old blog posts.
    noticed you haven’t been to NC yet…
    guess where I’m going next month? Cairns! Caleb and wife are expecting their 2nd and jeff told me I had to go!
    we’ll be calling you when we have some time

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