The Parkers Steam to Town

Woz, Em and Nate came to visit! Sharon jumps for joy!!!! It was fantastic to have them here to see our little corner of Birmingham. It was SO fantastic to be able to sit and chat and catch up on all that we’ve both been up to in the last few months! It also meant Minties and Chocolate from Australia for me, so there was no loosing there!

On Saturday we went out with the kids to a Railway Museum and took the kids on a train ride. I have to say, the sights that you see from Puffing Billy are slightly more impressive than the interstate that we passed under, and the golf course that we steamed passed! However, the kids loved it which is all that matters, and the weather was amazing, so a fun day was had by all!

All hyped up and ready to go!


Me and my girl.


The Johnsons plus one! The girls loved having Nate here.

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