Alabama State Fair

It’s been State Fair season in the US in the last couple weeks, and we thought it would be fun to get in on the action! We were super excited to check out what they had to offer us, especially since the advertising had been going non-stop for weeks, and there were billboards all over town about it.

The one thing we were especially excited about (and that is to say, mainly me) was that there was an “Exotic Petting Zoo” advertised, and the animal on the billboards was none other than a kangaroo! I thought that was hilarious. Exotic animals – bah. I know it is for this side of the world, but it tickled me to think that we were going to the Alabama State Fair, and the girls were going to get to pet a kangaroo! Alas, my super photo op was not to come to pass – we saw no kangaroos! Sad night for me. The girls weren’t too disappointed though, they fed cows, sheep, goats, and a camel, so they were suitably impressed.

Faith was all about the rides!

This swing ride went SO high! I was biting my nails on the ground!

Emma was happy on the ground!

We also got to delve into the wonderful world of “fair food” – yum. The funnel cake was highlight for me! Scott said mine isn’t as good, which makes for a challenge for me to pick up my game! I could have returned every day just to sink my teeth into another one of those crunchy, sugary, fatty treats! Hmmm, just typing about it is sending me right back there!

Funnel Cake! Oh, the yumminess!


Digging in!


Not a great shot, but you can see all of us!


The girls, smurfing it up.

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