Will the real ‘Scott Johnson’ please collect his email?

When I started this new job, it didn’t take me very long at all to discover that I was not alone here. Being given the email address ‘Scott.Johnson2@…’ implied that there was also a ‘Scott.Johnson@…’.

Checking the corporate directory, I discovered that there are in fact four of us in the company: Scott, Scott 2 (that’s me, even though I was fourth to arrive), Scott G. and Scotty. All Johnsons. (There’s even 3 (other) Sharon Johnsons too.)

I occasionally receive emails for Scott (the first one), and he for me, as our names appear identical in the directory: we’re only differentiated by our job title, phone number and email, none of which people look at when Outlook prompts for a decision. Whilst we work in the same building, we haven’t actually met yet.

In one of our exchanges he (Scott) informed me (Scott) that he (Scott) would sometimes receive emails that should have gone to Scott G., and that they could be quite interesting, as he (Scott G.) works for Corporate Security.

The reason that I bring this all up now is that yesterday, I received one that should have gone to Scott G. As it was of a sensitive nature, I thought I should call him to let him know. I left a voicemail, and then a strange occurrence happened: He returned my call – the phone informing me that ‘Scott Johnson’ was calling. I then picked up the phone and said my usually greeting, “Scott Johnson”, to which he replied, “Hello Scott, this is Scott Johnson, returning your call…”

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4 Responses to Will the real ‘Scott Johnson’ please collect his email?

  1. Glenda Leach says:

    Scott- I just went to a ladies morning tea this morning to find out that there is another Ray and Glenda here in Port Vila. Didn’t get to meet the other Glenda today but that was quite interesting. The other Ray and Glenda are from New Zealand.

  2. Clarzy says:

    My friend is named Claire (with a last name starting with B) and we lived on the same road, both had parents as teachers, went to the same schools and married Stephens who like riding bikes. So now we are both ‘Claire and Stephens’. 🙂

  3. Jeff and Ann Weir says:

    Scott and Sharon, just talked with Ray and Glenda on Skype. Could not believe you are living in the “deep” south here in the US. Glad to know you are so close; compared to Australia.

  4. taylor lane says:

    this is hilarious! 🙂

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