First Day of School: Grown Up Edition

After the girls had their first day of school experience, I, Scott, have had my own.

Sharon and I met whilst we were both studying Theology and Ministry at Ridley College in Melbourne. After getting married and starting back in full time IT work, I tried to keep up the studies part-time in the evening to finish off my degree, but distance, time and forthcoming children all made this too difficult (I lasted only 1 semester!). I did one subject by distance a few years later, and whilst it was beneficial, the experience just wasn’t the same as the classroom. I eventually ‘cashed in’ my subjects for a 2 year degree that had been created in the time since I’d left Ridley, as my time had run out to finish it all off.

Part of the interest in doing study is that I enjoy it. With the change of life moving overseas, I was keen to see what study options would be available in the US. I have no expectations about starting a masters, or getting credit to upgrade my 2 year degree to a 3 year one, but am just interested in being able to do some sort of formal study.

Another piece of thinking for us was that being new to the neighbourhood, city, country, continent and hemisphere, it would be a great way for me to meet some like-minded people and expand our circle of contacts here.

And so Tuesday night, I started my first semester at Highlands College. (I don’t think you needed a photo of me getting ready to head off, like there is for the kids…) This college is run by the church that we go to (Church of the Highlands), and grew out of its ministry training and development program. It’s one evening a week, plus being involved in a Sunday service on a rotating roster that will have me involved with practically every part of the running of the church (except Nursery and Preschool – that’s reserved for the ladies). Outside of class time there are requirements for personal study, reflection, being in a small group, and possibly the most challenging aspect for me, exercise.

Yep, one of the assessment pieces is a workout log showing that I’ve done four 30 minute workout sessions each week through the semester. They really do take a ‘heart, soul, mind and strength‘ approach to Bible and ministry training.

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  1. Danielle says:

    Come on Scott! A photo of you with you backpack & lunch box would have awesome!

  2. Clarzy says:

    I concur!

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