And Indiana makes 11

On our trip to Wisconsin on the weekend we knew that we’d end up staying the night in a state we hadn’t yet been to. The two top contenders along our route were Kentucky and Indiana.

After arriving in good time in Louisville, Kentucky, we pushed on into Indiana, aiming for the town of Columbus. When we stopped there, we discovered that the hotel chain we use was full, and that pretty well much was every other hotel in the town. We also met a woman that was heading in the opposite direction to us, and she informed us that the next town in our direction was also booked out. So back on the road we went.

We made it to Indianapolis, but couldn’t find the hotel we wanted, and didn’t want to double back to try and find it, or any other, so we pressed on.

We eventually made it to Lafayette, Indiana, where we stayed the night. Lafayette is famous for… well, the two things we noticed were corn and the wind farm – a large array of windmill power generators in the fields of, you guessed it, corn.

Actually, it isn’t fair to say that Lafayette is famous for corn – we were in the Mid-West of America, where it appears (from our travels anyway) that any spare piece of land is used to grow the stuff.

And so Indiana became the 11th state that we’ve visited/stayed in. Wisconsin had already been counted from my visit there in December, but now the whole family has been there.

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