Weekend Wedding in Wisconsin

This past weekend we journeyed 13 hours north to attend the wedding of Jessica Bradford. The Bradfords are dear family friends that we have known since our PNG days, and it was SO fantastic to be in the same country at the time of Jessica’s wedding! I used to babysit the Bradford kids in high school, so seeing their youngest get married was incredible! I tried not to feel too old thinking about that!!!

The wedding was fantastic! It was an amazing celebration of these two young people who both love the Lord, and love each other! What a fun thing to be a part of! We had a great time catching up with all the rest of the family as well, which was great.

I have to admit to unfortunately not having very many good photos from the wedding. I really need to work harder on taking photos rather than getting caught up in watching and chatting! I’m sure you all find it very hard to believe that I was more interested in chatting than capturing the day! Ha, ha.

Anyway, here are some photos of the day!

The girls waiting for the ceremony to start.

Obviously the ceremony had Faith on the edge of her seat!


Faith sampling the lemonade.

Emma contemplating who's is best - Grandma's of course!

Perry and Sandi Bradford - Parents of the Bride!

Me trying to take a picture - I don't know how people master these! At least whilst looking up you can't see all my chins!

Okay, how grown up does she look with her hair straight?!?

Me and Jessica! She was a beautiful bride!

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  1. Clara McDonald says:

    Great pics, you sexy mama! I love your dress for the wedding!

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