First Day of School!

Well, the time has finally come! Both of my girls are now at school! I can’t hardly believe that Faith is now in Kindergarten. I know everyone always says it, but the time really has flown by! We took some photos of the girls on their way off to school with their friend Skylar. You’ll all note how apprehensive Faith looks at starting her new adventure! NOT!

Skylar, Emma and Faith strike a pose before heading off to school! No fear here!

The girls were very excited about their new shoes that were purchased for the start of school, and insisted that we get a photo of them as well, so I think I would be remiss if I didn’t share it will all of you as well. As you can see Faith and Emma really went for the “less is more” theory when it came to sparkles and colour! Can I here a “BLING”!

We dropped the kids at school. Faith didn’t want us to get out and walk her to the door, she wanted to go with the girls! She didn’t even look back – she just walked right into the place like she was meant to be there, and you know what, she is!!

I came home to a very empty and extremely quiet apartment! I have been doing pretty well at not feeling sorry for myself, but I will admit that occasionally I do get a bit lonely and wish for another voice in the house! I also must admit that I caught myself chatting to myself yesterday! Ho-hum, it begins!!!

I now have no excuse for not having the house in ship shape order, so I have been working on keeping the house work up to date, and I now have time to finish some projects around the house that have been neglected over the summer! More photos to follow whilst I work through them!

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  1. Sue Friend says:

    time for a puppy perhaps…….btw the chocolate is coming….promise!!!

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