Birthday Fun!

Well, I am officially no longer in my “early 30’s”. Last Monday was my 37th Birthday. I had a pretty quiet day with the girls, which was great, because Scott and I had been away for the weekend, and I was lazy!

For my Birthday, Scott had asked the girls what they thought I would like as a present. Faith suggested something for the kitchen, which Scott thought was a good idea. He asked her what she thought I’d like, and she said, “maybe a wooden spoon or something like that.” How thoughtful my 5 year old is – a wooden spoon – yippee! Of course, had she bought me a wooden spoon I would have showed nothing but excitement at her thoughtfulness, but luckily Scott and Emma were thinking bigger!

Emma suggested a waffle iron. Not a bad suggestion, however I do wonder if she was really thinking of me and how much I would enjoy waffles, or if it was a little closer to home! Nevertheless, we would have all gotten a great deal of enjoyment out of a waffle iron, but again, Scott was thinking bigger! Yippee for Scott.

So, I am now the proud owner of a KitchenAid mixer! Hooray! It has been something that I have long desired for my kitchen, and it will be greatly loved and given plenty of fun work outs! I have also made it quite clear that when returning to Australia, this item will be non-negotiable in the packing process! Scott has already researched what we need to do to run it – we have to get a large transformer – so I’m thinking that it will be an interesting carry on item for me in the future! Ha!

I didn’t want to cook on my birthday, so Scott and the girls took me to the Cheesecake Factory, which is a favourite of all of ours for special occasions! From the second picture you’ll be able to understand why. The girls are out of focus, but I think you’ll all agree that Scott got the right ingredients in focus in this particular picture! Yummy!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of my lovely friends and family from all over the world that sent me birthday wishes. I felt extremely spoiled to receive so many phone calls! I was also very impressed that everyone managed to get the time zone dramas sorted out! Well done! Love, Love, Love to all of you, from Alabama!

Me and my girls! They are growing up so fast it's scary!!! Aren't they beautiful?!


Strawberry shortcake and Vanilla bean cheesecake! So good!

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