Florida: The rest

After the conference, the time was ours, but we didn’t have a well organised plan of what to do. The only thing we had planned was to visit Sharon’s school friend, Matt Tumas and his family, who live 3 hours south of Orlando.

So, we headed to Cape Canaveral. Billboards along the interstates had been promoting ‘the coolest pad on the planet’ as the Space Shuttle was being prepared for its final launch. But we must have been a few days early. We could see what looked like launch towers from the distance, but no shuttle to be seen. Or we were completely in the wrong area. We didn’t hang around for long as the weather turned bad. We thought that it might be neat to stay the night in Melbourne, Florida, but with nothing else to do we decided to head south closer to where we were going to catch up with the Tumas’.

A pleasant Summer's day for a drive.

The next day we treated the girls (and us really) to Cars 2 in the morning before heading to the Tumas’.

Even though it has been 9 years since Sharon and Matt had seen each other, in true MK fashion we just picked up where we were. All of the kids hit it off immediately, and even their youngest, aged 2, warmed up to Sharon and I.

We stayed the night, and then the next day, despite overcast skies, made it a beach day. I’ve got a thing about wanting to at least dip my toes in any large body of water, and so now, I can tick the North Atlantic Ocean off the list.

All the kids playing sand castles.

Hello, from the Atlantic.

We said good-bye to the Tumas’ from the beach and decided to start the trip home. We stayed the night again in Tallahassee, making it home Sunday afternoon, giving us the 4th of July to take it easy.

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