Florida: The Conference, Disney and the Dobsons

Birmingham to Orlando is a 9-10 hour drive and we decided to do it over 2 days, rather than burn ourselves out on the Sunday when I then needed to be “with it” Monday for the conference.

Our route took us south from Birmingham, through Montgomery (Alabama’s state capital), and then toward Florida’s panhandle. We stayed the night in Tallahassee, Florida’s capital. The next day was only 3 hours to Orlando.

We made the most of our Sunday arrival and arranged to meet up with Danielle and Matt at Downtown Disney: the shopping strip part of Disney World. And enjoyed an evening together.

The girls enjoying chocolate treats. And yes, that ice-cream is as big as Faith's head!

The LEGO Store had some special effects.

We found a cool toy at the LEGO Store. It’s a video display with a camera. When you hold particular boxes up to it, it overlays an animation of the product on the box. The photo above is taken of the display, showing the animation.

Enjoying the night life. And yes, Faith finished her ice-cream all by herself.

The conference was being put on by the vendor of the software that I work with, so there was a good chance some people from the Australian offices would be there. I reached out to my contacts with the vendor back in Melbourne and discovered that Simon, whom I’d worked with before, was going to be there, and another guy. I initially thought, ‘Fantastic, a familiar accent’. But then remembered that Simon is British. Oh well… However, the ‘other guy’ turned out to be Axel, someone I’d worked with 6-7 years ago. It was great to catch up with both of them and hear about what was going on back in Australia, and even just to see familiar faces.

Whilst I was at the conference, Sharon and the girls made the most of the hotel’s pool, and we caught up with Danielle and Matt a few times, and took them to the airport to say good-bye as they headed to LA before heading home to Australia.

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