Florida, Ho!

So, one day, out of the blue my boss calls me over and says, “There’s a conference coming up. You should go. Do you want to?”

Uncharacteristically, I immediately answered, “Yes”.

Usually I like to know exactly what is involved, and look into things before jumping, but this seemed like something worth jumping at.

And then it got better…

The conference was to be held in Orlando, Florida. I ran the numbers to see how much it would cost the company to fly me there and back and put me up in a hotel.

Given that for the same price I could get a hotel room with either a king bed or two queens, it meant that I could get a room for the 4 of us for the same price as for one. Then the bright idea hit me – I could bring the family along. Also, the weekend following the conference was a long weekend (4th of July), so I could take 2 days holiday and have a decent Summer holiday.

I then checked out how much it would cost to rent a car for the time. And it was cheaper than a flight would have cost me. I ran it all past my boss, and he approved my plan:

4 nights at the Hilton at Disney World, with a rental car for 10 days, on the company’s dollar. Plus some time to sight see around Florida with the family.

The other bonus was that it coincided with Danielle and Matt (who came to see us in Birmingham) also being at Disney World. So we got to see them a bit more.

More posts to come with photos.

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