Apologies from an Unreliable Blogger

Okay, so when I started this blog again when we moved to the US I was determined to become a regular, reliable blogger. So I decided that Monday morning blogging was the solution. I would make a pot of coffee and sit down and blog about the previous weeks happenings.

That was successful for a time, and it seemed that my dreams of actually documenting our life was going gang busters. Alas, summer arrived, and things have gone downhill from there. We have been so busy with all the travelling around, baby showers, friends visiting, and conferences in Florida, that the Monday blog constitution has become a pipe dream.

I would like to say though, that I have now ALMOST caught up on what we’ve been up to the last 6 weeks. If you take the time to scroll down you will see that there are plenty of fun photos and info to renew your faith in me again, and hopefully from now on we’ll both remember to keep track of the Johnson family! That is, if you’re a fan of run on sentences, because I seem to have a knack for them! (Apologies Daile! Ha.)

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2 Responses to Apologies from an Unreliable Blogger

  1. Daile says:

    Love to hear from you, however long the sentence! : )

  2. Katie says:

    Don’t worry how long it takes you or how behind you are! I’m still enjoying hearing about your exploits and seeing the gorgeous photos of your girls having fun.

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