Memphis was heaps of fun. We managed to find things that we were all interested in, at different times of the day, which was great.

I should mention that the Nashville/Memphis adventure was made up of Dogga, Danielle, Faith and Sharon. Emma and Scott stayed back in Birmingham. Emma’s best friend, Skylar had her Birthday during those days, so she stayed at Skylar’s place and had some amazingly fun “friend” time. Scott kept the home fires burning, working, and checking up on Emma. So, obviously, they are missing from the photos! Faith got lots of air time with Dogga taking photos – he likes photographing her, and I like his photos – win, win!

We went to the Gibson factory, which was a highlight for Dogga. Not so much for Faith, as during the tour you had to have protective goggles on the whole time (which didn’t fit her), whilst being quiet and staying within the marked area! Not big on Faith’s list of fun.

I have decided that when we go to Memphis on a family trip with Scott and Emma that it would be a fun thing for Scott to go and do by himself. He’ll love it, and Faith will appreciated not having to go through the tour again!

We then went to Mud Island, which is a tourist spot on the banks of the Mississippi. They have a scale model of the Mississippi River, which you can walk through, from beginning to end. It was hot, and Faith, not surprisingly, was in heaven! The thing that the adults remember the most from the experience is that, the Mississippi River is LONG!!!!

Memphis Trolley Car - fun to ride around in, and a great price - $1.

Faith enjoying the Trolley Car

Faith starts the Mega Mississippi Trek

Dogga captures the action!

Walking through the river.

Birds eye view of part of the river. It gives you an idea of how meandering our walk was!

We finally reached the Golf of Mexico. Faith strikes a pose!

Amusing Faith while waiting for the Trolley Car.

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