Having visitors from home is fantastic, but of course has it’s challenges. The challenge with having Dogga and Danielle here was TIME. We wanted to show them where we lived, and also wanted them to have the adventure of seeing Nashville and Memphis (Memphis post to follow), which are both about 3-4 hours away from Birmingham.

However, we love a challenge, what with being Aussies and all, so off we went on a three day adventure to see all things Country and Blues. We didn’t do too bad – having a four year old in tow does limit what you can get done in a day, but I think we all still had a good time. I kept reminding Dogga and Danielle that they don’t start with a four year old, so hopefully they aren’t too scared now about their upcoming bub! Oh well, it’s too late if they are – slightly evil wicked snicker appropriate here!

The girls go "country"

Dogga and Danielle outside The Grand Ole Opry.

House of Blues

Faith at House of Blues - she wasn't too impressed with the music, but the Strawberry Shortcake was a huge hit!

How cool are we??? We decided that Faith had "root beer" glasses on! It's okay grandma!

Faith getting into the "trying stuff on" fun.

Us sitting on a big boot - yep, it's Nashville folks, what did you expect?!

Nashville at night

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