Faith, Five and Friends = FUN!

Our very good friends Matt and Danielle came to visit from Australia. We were so excited to have them come and spend time with us. It tied in perfectly with Faith’s 5th Birthday, so Faith got lots of presents from all our family in Oz, as well as some very close friends! So, we were so excited to have them around to celebrate Faith turning 5 – none more so than Faith! She was thoroughly spoiled!

We had planned to have Faith’s party at a local park that has heaps of outdoor space, two big playgrounds, and a nice covered area with picnic tables for the grown-ups. However it was SO hot – around 38 degrees, and when we got to the playground the equipment was so hot that the kids couldn’t play on it – not much fun! Thankfully our friends Todd and Janelle were happy for us to move the party to their backyard, so the pool party began!!!

Here’s some photos of Faith opening her presents, and of the kids having some fun! A great day was had by all. We ended up staying for a BBQ dinner and we were still in the pool after 8pm! It was a great day!

I should also send a huge thank you to Matt who took photos for us throughout the day! It is great to have some beautiful photos to remember the day with! Also, the following posts also feature all Matt’s photos – I didn’t just all of a sudden become an amazing photographer – unfortunately! Thanks Dogga, you’re a star!

Stephen and Claire win the "most excited about a present" prize!

Faith really enjoyed getting presents from friends back home!

Her princess dress up dress. Very pretty.

Stephen and Claire's magic again - show offs!

Faith enjoying the attention - not to mention the presents.

All Faith wanted for her birthday afternoon tea was a "number 5 candle". Easy to please!

The party girls, from left - Emma, Paulina (in the pink hat), Skylar, Isabella and Faith.

PS - Faith can swim! Yippee - she's a fish, that's for sure.

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