Going Places

I know that the blog has gone quiet for about the last 3 weeks. During this time, Sharon and the girls have been on a road trip, and I’ve been ‘baching’ it by myself. For one of the weekends that they were away, I flew out to Colorado Springs, CO to spend the weekend with them, and to also catch up with Clara, and her husband Mark (whom I hadn’t met yet), whom Sharon was visiting there.

We were talking about the road trip that Sharon was making and I counted 8 states that they would drive through on the trip.

It got me thinking that we need to keep a track of where we’ve been on our adventures in the US (mostly where Sharon and the girls have been by the look of things!). And what better way than a picture to display it.

So I’ve added the map image to the right that will keep track of US States that we’ve visited.

Here’s the rules:
To get included on the list, the State has to have been slept in by a Johnson. Any of us will do, preferably all of us.
Just driving through, or stopping off in, a state doesn’t count it as having been ‘visited’.

Whilst we’ve driven into and out of Georgia (the Ikea trip), and Sharon and the girls have been through Tennessee, Oklahoma and New Mexico, and I’ve had flight lay-overs in Georgia, Tennessee, Minnesota and North Carolina, they don’t count.

But we do add Arkansas and Louisiana: even though, for example, we drove into Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 11:30pm at night, and left by 8am the next morning, seeing nothing more than the interstates we drove along, we’ll count it as ‘visited’, but really need to go back and see other parts of the state. Arkansas is a similar story.

Tennessee and Florida will be added soon (more details to come shortly). But after that it might be a while before we add many more.

But we’d like to go explore Louisiana some more – particularly to visit New Orleans.

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