Texas and Parkers = Best Weekend Ever!

Let me start this post by saying, God is SO good! Last weekend, we went to Houston to visit our very close friends Woz and Em. When I say that God is good, it’s an understatement when thinking about being able to drive 10 hours and visit my best friend from Australia, in Texas! Crazy right?!?

So, last weekend we all bundled in a car and drove off to claim another state for Australia! I think our tally now for states visited is now at 5. However, we only really drove through Louisiana, so that doesn’t really count, but we’ll be back to explore the bayou another day.

We arrived on Friday in Houston, and immediately decided that our new best friend was our GPS! How anyone survives in that city without one is beyond me. The GPS is now on my list of things never to leave home without! The freeway system is just incredible. You feel like you’re inside a spiders web at times – it’s amazing. In Birmingham near our apartment we have an interstate overpass that Faith has affectionately labeled, “the criss-e-crossy”. When we were driving through Houston Faith piped up from the back seat and said, “This is the biggest criss-e-crossy I have ever seen!” She wasn’t wrong!

We managed to find Woz and Em’s apartment, and were rewarded with being a part of their friday night family tradition – Fondue Friday! Yippee!

In Texas, eating Cadbury chocolate with Aussie friends - can it get any better?

Saturday we headed off the the Houston Space Centre. We had a great day with the kids, and managed to see most of what we all wanted to see with kids in tow! When we first entered the facility the kids noticed the very large play centre, and I think they would have been happy playing there all day, but we convinced them to check out some other stuff, which I think they enjoyed. Then after lunch they all (Scott included) got the great reward of playing till they dropped!!! What a day!

In the tram on our way to check out the Space Shuttle Training Facility.

Proving that no matter how hard you try, 4 year olds will "smile" any way that they please!

Emma in front of the Space Shuttle - this area is used for training.

Space Shuttle Cockpit - very cool.

We finished up the day with a trip to Galveston Island, and some beach time! It was great. The kids loved it. However, the parents weren’t incredibly prepared for kids that, of course, wanted to swim! Duh. I have an 8 year old, and I still don’t think ahead and anticipate this sort of stuff. They weren’t deterred though, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t detract from their enjoyment of the water!

Nate and Faith, obviously having no fun! Ha!

My beautiful girl! Growing up WAY too fast!

In conclusion, we had a great weekend. The kids loved having Nate to play with, and Scott and I loved catching up with Woz and Em! It was just so much fun! Definitely to be repeated! There is definitely more of Houston to conquer!

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  1. Em says:

    Great shots! We absolutely LOVED having you guys stay with us and we will DEFINITELY be repeating it if you can brave the drive again although you guys seem to be much better at the long stints than us!

    Feel so fortunate to have been able to see Istanbul, Austria, Germany and now Houston with you guys. Let the good times continue!

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