Bass Pro Shop (this one’s for Dave!)

On Saturday we went to Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World, just up the road in Leeds, AL. If you’re thinking, “that’s not really the Johnson’s thing”, you’d be right! We had spotted it on our trip to Atlanta a couple weekends ago, and knew that my brother-in-law Dave would be crazy jealous!!!

So we thought it would be fun to go and check it out, and take some photos to show Dave what is right at our fingertips! It may backfire however, he may start sending us lists of fishing equipment that he wants shipped over! Oh well.

It turned out to be a fun adventure for us all. The girls loved it. The shop is amazing. It has a huge fish tank in the middle, with a waterfall cascading down into it. Also the girls found a bear cave, and all sorts of other fun spots to explore throughout the store. It even had a gourmet food section (if you call BBQ gourmet – down here it’s a serious business), which was fun for me to explore! The girls and Scott got to sample some fudge at the fudge bar, so we were all pretty happy with our trip!

Here are some photos of our visit. They’re mainly for Dave, but everyone can enjoy seeing the kids having some fun!

Scott and the girls in front of Outdoor World - if you can spot them!

The girls on the "big boy"

Emma takes to the road - or off road, if you like!

Em and Faith in front of the fish tank. Faith looks like she just discovered it!

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2 Responses to Bass Pro Shop (this one’s for Dave!)

  1. Em says:

    Love the shot in front of the fish tank. Faith definitely needed an Aussie flag!

  2. Kamya says:

    Wow guys that is certainly some fishtank!! What a fun day out xx

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