Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we joined in at a local church for an Easter Egg Hunt! It was great fun. The girls loved being out and doing stuff with friends. The church put on a fantastic event. Not only did they have the egg hunt, they also had morning tea, and then activities for the kids to do, that were all focused on Easter! It was fantastic. They also had a jumping castle, so the kids got rid of some of the energy after all the sugar! Thank you!

We didn’t realize that the girls needed to bring baskets – it was our first formal egg hunt after all. I should have twigged, that’s all that you see when you walk into Walmart these days! Oh well, Scott emptied out my bilum and Faith used that, and we got another bag for Emma, so they managed okay!

Faith with her makeshift Easter basket!

Egg hunting is a serious business!!

Well earned snacks after the hunt!

Faith didn't quite get - "you keep working while I take photos!" She was definitely having fun.

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  1. Em says:

    Ha ha! Love the one of Faith being natural!

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