Pool Party

Emma had a sleepover at a friend’s house on Thursday night, which she loved. It’s been so much fun watching Emma build new relationships with some of the girls in her class at school.

We were so worried about starting her at school in the middle of the year; concerned that kids would already have their friends, and not include her. I’m so happy to say that this has not been the case at all! She has made some really good friends, which has given Scott and I an opportunity to make some connections with the parents! Thank you Emma!

So, Thursday night Emma went to her friends house for a sleepover, and Scott and I dropped her off, and ended up hanging out with T. and J. (the parents) for about 4 hours! We connected with them straight away, and I think that we’ll really enjoy getting to know them better.

The girls had all taken their swim suits, because T. and J. have a pool. They invited a bunch of the parents over the next day for lunch, and a pool party to finish up the sleepover! What fun! I don’t think we left on Friday night till after 8pm!

A great day was had by all. Here’s a few photos to show the beautiful weather that we’re having – it’s been over 30 degrees this whole past week, and it’s only Spring! I’m getting nervous about what Summer is going to feel like! Oh well, we’ll just have to have a lot more pool parties!!!

Faith hardly got out to eat!

Faith and Scott "spraying" the kids.

Scott was a bit more successful! More hot air! Ha!

Look at the form!

Emma takes a big jump!

Goggles necessary! You never know what you might find in the pool!

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