IKEA without the “Cool Sarah Backup Plan!”

Some of you are probably wondering about the title, and the reference to Cool Sarah. Some may have heard the story, so bare with me while I share the background!

A couple years ago Scott and I needed a few things for the house, and decided on a Saturday family trip to IKEA. We all jumped in the car and off we went. We didn’t bother with doing any pesky planning – that’s for sissies!

IKEA is about an hour from our home in Pakenham, so we weren’t just around the corner if anything should go wrong, but we weren’t worried – we were going shopping, what could possibly go wrong??!?

Four hours later, all our purchases in tow, we backed up the car to the loading bay and began to pack the car. First we decided that we could put one of the seats down, and still fit the girls and the stuff in. Not good enough – needed more space. Then we thought that we could probably get away with buckling both the girls into one seat belt, just this once, so that we could get everything (and everyone) in the car. Still not good enough! We were in trouble!

I had the brilliant idea to call our VERY good friend Cool Sarah – she only lived 15 minutes away, and maybe, just maybe she’d be home and available for a mercy mission! So, I sheepishly dialed her number, and pleaded for the safety of two small children who were stranded at IKEA because their crazy parents had bought WAY too much stuff to fit in the car! Luckily Sarah loves my girls about as much as I do, so it was a safe bet!

After she stopped laughing, she agreed to come and rescue my girls from living at Richmond Mall! Thank you Cool Sarah!

So, we needed things for our apartment here in Birmingham, so of course, we thought of IKEA, it’s only 2 hours away in Atlanta, and would be a fun day out for the family! Yippee, shopping again! However, hind sight prevailed, and we decided to rent a large SUV to prevent any similar disasters! I know Sarah loves us, but even I couldn’t ask that commute of her!!!

Emma spent the day with her friend Isabella, and Faith, Scott and I went on our SUV adventure to Atlanta. Here are some photos to prove that we managed to do both – shop and bring our child home! Success!

Our SUV for the day. Faith wanted to keep it forever!

Scott loading the car.

Everything in - Including the BABY!!!

Best 50 cents I ever spent!

Big day takes it's toll! Nothing like having a cardboard box for a pillow!

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2 Responses to IKEA without the “Cool Sarah Backup Plan!”

  1. Daile says:

    What is in the boxes!!!! AND I see those ‘Dunkin Donuts’. Glad you haven’t been blown away. Looking forward to seeing your next post that shows us the result of all your shopping. (You realize I am shopping vicariously, soooo much cheaper!) xx

  2. Em says:

    I agree with Daile, looking forward to seeing another photo of the apartment with your new furniture in it. Yay for Monday morning blogging! (Now I’d better get onto mine!)

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