The Visa – traps for new players – pt 2

In reading up about the visa process, I’d read some horror stories of people being stuck at the Consulate for 6 to 8 hours mostly just waiting; and of others who came close to being denied visas for various reasons – mostly not having enough supporting evidence.

I wanted my interview time at the Consulate to be as smooth as possible and spent quite a bit of time ‘gathering evidence’ to support our visa application.

One of the requirements of the E3 is that being a temporary work visa, you are expected to leave the US once your work is completed, and to have no intention of staying on and taking up residence. People had recommended giving evidence of ties ‘back home’.

So, I printed out some family photos to show that we have family in Australia. I gathered paperwork and bank statements showing our house (and its mortgage). I dug out superannuation and savings statements showing financial ties. It all ended up being a decent stack of paper.

We got to our interview. It got to the point in our interview where we’d be asked about ties to Australia.

Interviewer: “Do you own a house?”

Me: “Yes. I have the rates notice and …”

Interviewer: “No, I don’t need to see that. Next question.”

As smooth as possible… We were out of there within an hour and a half.

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