Apartment – Phase 2

We have now had our furniture for a couple weeks! Yippee. It’s been great not having to sit on the floor any more. My back had definitely had enough of it, so it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was hoping to get photos up sooner so that you all can see that we are making progress in the “getting settled” department, but alas I just haven’t managed it till now. Better late than never though, right?

We have never had new furniture before, and it’s SO pretty and new and fresh and clean. You get the picture. It has been quite hard for me to allow my precious 4 yr old to sit on it! I have always spouted on about having a house that looks “lived in”, and that everyone can feel comfortable in. Well, that has gone slightly out the window with my new couches! Oops. I always fancied myself as someone who was laid back about this sort of stuff, but alas, in light of new furniture, I have become that woman I never wanted to be!

You will note however that in the photos below, Faith is happily sitting on said couches watching a movie, so let the record show, they are being used!!!

Faith on the Couch.

View from front entrance.

View from front window looking toward kitchen.

Looking into the kitchen from Dining Room.

Kitchen, obviously. Not huge, but I'm managing!

Mia, this one's for you. Proof that I didn't sell the t-towel!

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3 Responses to Apartment – Phase 2

  1. Em says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see it in person (and the cute little well behaved kid on the sofa!) xox

  2. Daile says:

    Looks great! How brave you were to get such light coloured furniture. The kitchen would be a bit of a challenge!

  3. Sharon Johnson says:

    We’ve had it scotch guarded, which is supposed to make it virtually stain proof! Here’s hoping though, right! I’m still nervous. I love it though. It’s very comfy. The kitchen is a challenge, but it was the biggest one of all the apartments we looked at, and is doing the job!

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