Friday Family Nite

Since moving half way across the world, to a place where we know no one, we decided that it was time to take charge of what “family time” looked like. We would get so busy back home that time would slip by, and family time slipped through the cracks.

So, because we had SO much time on our hands since arriving in Birmingham we decided to initiate Friday Family Nite! So far it’s been a success. We’ve done different things each week, from going out for dinner, bowling (see photos), the movies, Lego night at home, etc.

The girls are loving being apart of the planning of Family Nite, which is great. The first night we went bowling, and since then Faith has recommended that for every subsequent evening! She’s easily pleased!

So, here is the first of the Family Nite photos. We’ll try and remember to take the camera with us so that we can continue to capture the fun!

Note - pink ball, pink top! She's got it going on!

What Style!

Pity she doesn't look like she's having any fun!!! HA.

Faith's oh so professional stance!

What a follow through!


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