The Zoo

During Spring Break we had an opportunity to go to the Birmingham Zoo. I must admit that I didn’t have very high expectations of what the Zoo was going to offer. I mean, I’ve been to the Melbourne Zoo, and it is amazing. Anyway, our new friends had invited us to go along for the day, so we jumped at the opportunity to spend time with them, and get the girls out of the house.

However, the Birmingham Zoo is AWESOME! It is in a relatively small space, but they use the space incredibly well. They have great things for kids. There is a train ride that takes you around the Zoo grounds – which the girls loved. They also have the usual shows and information sessions on the different animals around the grounds. They offer Camel rides, which I thought was really cool. We didn’t get to do that this time, but for sure it will be on the list for next time.

The highlight of the day, by far however, was feeding the Giraffes! Yep, that’s right, we fed giraffes. It was SO amazing! I’m pretty sure that I was more excited about it than the girls, but they really had a great time as well. We walked up to this platform, so that you’re head to head with these huge animals, and then you feed them! Way too cool! Here’s the proof!

Great day had by all!

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  1. Linda Weatherhead says:

    It sounds amazing and such a fun way to spend a day! Not too many people get the chance to look into the eyes of a giraffe let alone hand feed one.

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