The Apartment – Phase One

Okay, so we have the apartment, and we’re slowly getting settled. I thought it would be fun to show the progress in stages so that you all can get a feel for what our new home is like, and how it is evolving over the coming weeks.

We’ve never lived in an apartment before, so it’s a new experience for us. We have a 3 bedroom apartment, with 2 bathrooms, and walk-in robes in each of the bedrooms, so it’s quite spacious, and we’re really enjoying being in a different space than a house.

The fun things about apartment living are:

1. Free gym

2. Pool

3. Kids playground just up the path! Yippee for that one – the girls are loving having a playground so close, and have made friends with a lot of kids from around the complex. It’s a great meeting ground for them.

4. Home maintenance at the touch of a button/phone call/visit to the main office! It’s great not to have to worry that the ice maker broke, or that the sink is dripping!!

5. No bin nights to remember. All we do is dump the rubbish in the large skip down the road and they do the rest. Weird thing to enjoy, but it’s just one of the many differences that we are experiencing with an apartment.

6. I mention this last, but it’s probably the most important – The friends that we’re making so close to our home!

The not so fun things:

1. There always seems to be a moving van out the front of our place on the weekends. I guess that’s just the transient lifestyle of apartment living.

2. Things that go bump in the night. We’re on a ground floor apartment, so we get to hear our upstairs neighbors a LOT! What could they possibly have up there that makes so much noise??? It makes me wonder how loud we’d be to others if we weren’t on the ground floor!

Can’t think of anything else that I don’t like at the moment. All in all it’s a fun experience so far.

The Lounge Room

Lounge, looking into Dining Room

The Girls' Bedroom











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  1. Coby Jager says:

    Hey Sharon,
    How can you possibly NOT be used to noise from people upstairs?!

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