Last travel update for Europe ’09

Well I seem to have gotten behind on the blog again – about 2 week now.

On Friday 29th May we landed in Kusadasi, Turkey and spent a few days there. We visited the ancient, ruined city of Ephesus, and then a change of pace and age the next day with a visit to Aqua Fantasy water park (think Wet’n’Wild). We then flew to Istanbul from Izmir (an hour’s drive from Kusadasi), having decided against an overnight bus without a toilet and some of us having a travel bug…

We arrived in Istanbul on Tuesday June 2nd and spent a fantastic 4 days seeing the city and catching up with friends.

On Sunday 7th we flew overnight to Singapore with a lay over in Dubai. Unfortunately we weren’t there long enough to say hello to Uncle Stephen, but we had just seen him in Istanbul.

Whilst in Singapore, Sharon and I left the kids with Leah, Lachlan, Sierra and Cooper and headed to a resort in Indonesia for two nights.

We’re back in Singapore now and fly overnight to Melbourne tomorrow, ending our time away. Sigh.

I’ll back fill the blog with stories and photos once we’re back home.

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