Firstly, a big thanks to Peter V. from work who insisted that we go to Santorini – exceptional advice. Secondly, another big thanks to Kim and Melissa from Canada, whom we met in Florence and gave us the tip for accommodation on Santorini. (Our paths did cross again here.)

Thirdly, who sails past a volcano and thinks, “Hey, that looks like a nice place to live. Let’s settle there.”

I cannot get my head around how this island ever came to be inhabited. But it is, and it is beautiful.

The pictures we have taken, as limited as they are, and any words I can put together to describe this place will do very little justice to it. So I’ll just tell you what we did.

We arrived on Santorini shortly after lunch time. Once at out hostel, Stelio’s Place in Perissa on the south east coast of the island, we wandered down to the beach to find one of the recommended places to eat. To our delight we discovered that good Greek food isn’t restricted to the main land and that it also exists in the islands. Our lunch was amazing – we ate there again another day.

We thought that with dropping the rental car off in Rome that we were done with driving ourselves on this trip, but we discovered that we could get a car for €20 a day. Admittedly, we had trouble fitting our stoller in the boot of the Fiat Panda, but it was all we needed to get around. We drove to Fira, the capital and main shopping area for a look around. It’s a town on the edge – literally. The edge of the caldera (volcano basin) with drop offs into the sea.

We had lunch at a restaurant called, Argos. It’s probably the best meal we’ve had the entire trip.

On the way back from Fira we got lost. Luckily though, it’s not a large island and we got to see parts that we wouldn’t have specifically gone to otherwise. And as long as you keep heading in the general direction of where you need to get to and avoid the water, you’ll eventually get there.

That evening we headed up to the town of Oia (pronounced ee-ah) which is where the crowds gather to see the sunset. It’s also the spot where pretty well much all the postcard photos are taken for Santorini. Georgous.

The next day visited Fira in the morning again and then had a lazy afternoon. We attempted to go to the beach, well we made it, but it wasn’t too successful as it was a bit windy and the water was a bit choppy. It was very wierd walking out into the water, past the sand and onto lava flats. I’d read about it, so wanted to do it despite the conditions.

We’d met a couple who seem to have visited Santroini a few times and they recommended visiting the area of Akortiri around the south west and a restaurant there to see the sunset from a different perspective.

So we had dinner on the edge of a cliff with panoramic views of the volcano basin.

We left after our third night, after thoroughly enjoying a relaxing time in a beautiful place.

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