Rome – day 3

We hadn’t planned on spending a third full day in Rome, but our ‘flexible mind set’ and ‘going with the flow’ meant that the morning flight to Athens I’d originally found was no longer cheap, and it was more economical for us to get an evening flight from Rome to Athens. So we had about 6 hours till 4pm when we had to start heading out to the airport to wander around Rome some more.

We decided that it would be a good idea to find a park for the girls to run around in. We headed to the closest ‘green’ part of our map, which turned out to be an outdoor museum – not really the place for children to run around and climb on things. We’d been told about a park area a ways off that was on a hill and also had a good lookout over the city – so we caught the metro and went to the Pincio. The view was nice from up there, but no panoramic. We found some shade and a small fountain for the girls to play in so we let them run around for a bit. They both got wet, which was fine for a war day, but Faith fell over in the mud around the fountain, so we headed down into the streets to find a children’s clothing store to get Faith something cleaner to wear.

On the way we stopped by the Spanish Steps again and cooled off at the fountain. The girls were excited to see this spot again and it appears to have become a favourite for the trip.

Our next destination was lunch, but we wanted to follow lunch with gelati from a shop Sharon had read about. Rather than competing with San Crispino’s on quality, this shop went for the quantity novelty, with an offering of 100 different flavours. We had a leisurely stroll down the main drag in Rome, found the street with the gelateria in it. We had a leisurely lunch followed by gelati – which took some time to choose.

I then realised that it was getting very close to the time which we needed to get back to our hostel to collect our bags and then head out to the airport. So I set us a cracking pace to the closest metro station – as cracking as you can get with a two year old in a pram, a six year old who hasn’t been happy about all the walking she’s had to so far and a wife with a sore back, through the crowded streets of one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. There wasn’t anything ‘leisurely’ about the rest of the day, but it we weren’t moving too quickly.

We made it in good time back to the hostel, and then to the ‘Leonardo Express’ train that goes directly from Roma Termini to the Fiumicino Airport, and arrived with ample time to have dinner before our flight to Athens departed.

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