Rome – day 1

For our first full day in Rome we started with the Colosseum. Then we wandered past Palatine Hill and the Forum, and headed toward the Pantheon, passing LOTS of other things on the way. After lunch we aimed for Trevi Fountain, which Sharon particularly wanted to see.

Then it was time for gelati. Sharon had read about a highly recommended gelati shop near Trevi Fountain. It took a bit of asking but we finally found San Crispino’s. It was difficult, because unlike all the other gelati n in Rome (and there are many), it doesn’t have huge, garish, fibreglass ice-cream hanging out the front of it. The board out the front held a blown up copy of a New York Times article, stating that since San Crispino’s opened, the argument for the best gelati in Rome, now was only ever for the second place holder – San Crispino’s held the number 1 position. And if the Ginger and Cinnamon gelati is anything to go by, they definitely do.

With two very tired girls we called it a night and headed back to our hostel.

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