Ahhh, there’s no place like Rome.

My advice to anyone travelling to Rome is to fix it into your itinerary, and shop around early and lots for accommodation to try and a) find something, and b) find something reasonably priced. Leaving things to the last minute like we have for most of our trip (we’re calling it having a flexible mind set, and going with the flow) our options were limited. We found out later that we were lucky to find something. It was expensive, had four sleeping spots (a queen and a double bed), was central to the action (near Roma Termini train station – think Southern Cross station) and, whilst we had a nice room, the facilities were extremely lacking (no wi-fi?!) and the service was atrocious. Also, cash up for Rome. The Italians seem to prefer their cash over their credit, and we found this especially so in Rome.

One exciting thing that happened for Sharon and I as parents, was on our first night there. Whilst waiting for our dinner to be served, Sharon and the girls went for a walk down the street. Emma found some postcards and was looking at them and pointing out in wonder sights like the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. Sharon got to tell her that we’d see them tomorrow. It was good for us to see Emma excited about seeing something this trip.

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