Thankfully, Bologna had somewhat prepared us for what we encountered coming into Sorrento. However, the situation was taken to another level entirely.

I assume that because it was a Sunday evening when we were driving to Sorrento, that all the traffic coming the opposite direction was people returning home from a weekend by the sea.

Sharon and I have an arrangement: She does the driving and I do the navigating. I’m good with maps and directions, and I know how to operate the GPS. But if I’m driving, I also want to know what’s going on with the navigation – which usually means looking at the map in the navigator’s hands… and not at the road in front of me. So Sharon does most of the driving.

However, I happened to be driving this leg of the trip. Not too much experience driving on the wrong side of the road. Late in the day. Unfamiliar roads. Narrow, windy roads with large drop offs to the right. Tired, hungry children in the back seat. Lots of traffic. And of course, in my lane, coming toward me, in the wrong direction: scooters!!!

We survived the traffic and managed to find our campsite, got the tent set up before the light disappeared, and after a late dinner of some very delicious tortellini, crashed only into bed.

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