The Tooth

Emma is at the age where she’s loosing teeth. For the past few weeks her last remaining ‘front’ tooth has been getting looser, and more unsightly as it has started to lean at an awkward angle – not really the sight we wanted for holiday photos!

And the questions have been in what country and with what food would the tooth finally come out.

Well, on our first night in Italy, with Emma taking her first few bites of authentic Italian pizza, the tooth finally came loose.

A smile to smile for

A smile to smile for

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One Response to The Tooth

  1. Claire says:

    Hey guys!!

    Thought it was about time I left you a comment! Although I’ve been quiet, I’ve been reading your blog since day one and am loving seeing you guys looking like you are having a big adventure and really enjoying yourselves!! I miss you all heaps – it’s very differen’t without regular Sharon n Scott time – and with Stephen gone too I have sort of been thrown into another world! Anwyay, keep having a fantastic time away. Things are all the same here so don’t be missing it too much (if at all!). Keep updating the website, sometimes when I’m reading it I forget that I am stuck in an office working for ‘the man’.. just for a moment, I am free. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Love y’all!


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