Moving Day

After 14 months our apartment was starting to feel a little cramped, and so we started looking at options on renting.

A couple of problems came up straight away. The school district boundaries where we live are very hard and fast – to the point that the apartment complex right next to our, which we had to drive past in order to get the girls to school, was in a different school district, and the kids from there had to take a 40 minute bus ride to get to their school, where as we had a 2 minute drive (past that complex!) to get our girls to school. So we started looking at houses in the same district…

… and promptly started looking elsewhere as our rent was going to roughly double to get a house in the same school zone. The biggest challenge this presented is that Emma, our change resistant one, was scared about moving schools. Me, our other change resistant one, was not looking forward to having a larger rent bill.

We focused our search on the town of Helena. This was for a number of reasons: It didn’t extend my commute to work too much. We were familiar with the area from having gone to two small groups in the town. We had friends who lived close by. And the school district was highly rated (even the principle of the girls’ school lived in the town and spoke highly of the schools there).

However, rental properties were scarce, until, our friends Clint and Amanda told us about the house across the road from them having a sign out the front showing it as for sale or rent. Not being in a position to buy (having been declined a credit card, a mortgage is out of the question!), we looked at renting it, and everything feel into place. Moving day was scheduled for April 28th.

One of the great things about having moved internationally recently, was that we still don’t have a lot of stuff to shift when moving. Sharon had us all ready with the house being progressively packed over the preceding 2 months, with most stuff sitting at the front door ready to go.

We had an amazing group of people turn up to help us out (practically everyone was from the small groups that we’d been in over the last 8 months), with a fleet of trucks and SUVs, and even a very large trailer, to get us on the road.

We were so well organised, with so little stuff, and so many helping hands, that we were out of the apartment in about an hour and 45 minutes. I was stunned.

And so we spent the rest of the morning and into the afternoon getting to set up our new house. We’d bought a bunch of new furniture from Ikea, so there was some putting together to be done. And we finished the day with a cook out, and sat and relaxed in our front yard.

Huge shout outs to: Marc & Kristen, Rodney & Stacy, Clint & Amanda, Rick & Rebecca, Jason & Michelle, Todd & Janelle, Jason, Peter, and Peter’s daughter’s friend’s mum’s boyfriend (who’s name I can’t remember… Luke? I think it was Luke). We are so very thankful to have met and made friends such as yourselves.

The moving crew - amazing friends!

And more of the front of our new home.
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  1. Em says:

    So excited to see photos of your new home – it’s beautiful! Very much an American home! Can’t wait to see the inside! Seriously missing you guys and can’t wait to plan a trip for next year. We need a job and we need it fast!


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