Wiffle Ball

Sharon and I, with the Otises, ran a small group through Winter/Spring called “The Breakfast Club”. Basically, it was an excuse to get together and hang out and eat. It was the exact same style of small group that got us connected with a whole bunch of people and church, and so thought it was a great idea to run to help people new to the church to meet people.

As the weather got warmer we encouraged the kids in the group to play outside. Being in a cul-de-sac, it was great as there was very little traffic to worry about, and the kids could play in the street.

One of the guys in the group also wanted to play outside and brought along his Wiffle Ball set. Wiffle Ball is basically street Baseball. The ball is hollow plastic, so there’s not much chance of anything getting broken.

Given the amazingly beautiful spring days we had at the end of the small group semester, Wiffle Ball became our regular activity on Saturday mornings.

And here’s some photos.

Faith showing off the Wiffle Ball

Faith helping Clint out in the catcher's position (or is that slips?) - bringing some cricket influences to an American sport...

The Field of Dreams

















Hey batter, batter, batter, batter...

... su-winggggg, batter, batter, batter

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    Faith’s hair looks awesome!

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