In February, our church had a big push with Baptisms – having a baptism event every Sunday of the month; this is on top of the regular first Sunday of the month Baptisms. During this time Emma started expressing an interest in getting Baptised. We talked it through and certainly wanted to encourage her in follow after Jesus, and so on March 4th, our baby got Baptised. Here’s some photos.

Before the Baptism with Ashleigh and Emily Otis

In the tank with Pastor Blake


Ready... Being the 'Wedding Band of Christianity' they have a photographer capture the moment.

Dying to self

Being raised in Christ

And done


As an extra note on Baptism, one of the greatest days we had at our church happened in April just after Easter. (Easter is the time of year that we see the largest number of visitors come to our church, so there’s a very specific and intentional evangelistic push, that this year saw about 3,000 commit or recommit their lives to Christ.) So, on the Sunday after Easter, the church planned an unannounced spontaneous Baptism at each service at every campus. Over 1,100 people got Baptised that day.

Sharon and I got to be a part of it, helping out with the logistics, and being there to cheer people on as they took this step of faith.

Some of the highlights for me included an 84 year old woman, a cancer sufferer – removing her wig before stepping into the pool, friends of ours who started coming to the church in January getting baptised together as a family, and the funniest one for me: At the end of the 11:30 service baptisms, we’d finished up, Pastor Blake was out of the pool and we were starting to get lunch, and a husband and wife came running up from the car park, asking if it was too late for her to get baptised. Never missing an opportunity, Blake got back in the pool and the lady was baptised there and then. She’d watched the 9:30 and 11:30 services via the online campus, and at the end called her husband and said “I have to get baptised.” So they raced down to our campus which was closest to them. We think that this might have been the only baptism for the online campus that day.

If you want to watch that service, you can find it online here: Next: Baby Steps.


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