A few more states

So from our travels over Christmas, and Sharon’s expedition to New York City, the Johnsons have added a few more states to their list of ‘visited’, with the map to the right reflecting these now.

The new states are Oklahoma, Illinois and New York.

We stayed overnight in Tulsa, Oklahoma-where-the-wind-comes-sweeping-down-the-plain, on our way from Corpus Christi, Texas to Wisconsin for Christmas. We went out for a BBQ dinner and shopping for hats, and then coffee for the road in the morning.

For Illinois, we stayed the night with a school friend of Sharon’s in the south of the state about an hour east of St. Louis, Missouri, which made it eligible for the list. But then later in the same trip spent a day in Chicago, as we were staying only about 2 hours away in Wisconsin.

A very good friend of ours from Australia, Cool Sarah, was spoiling herself with a trip to North America as a birthday present and to catch up with some family. She was spending 3 weeks in New York City and invited Sharon to come and spend some time with her. That’s all I’ll say about the trip – you should bug Sharon to write about it herself. But she had a fantastic time.

No trips currently planned that would put us in a state we haven’t stayed in yet.

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  1. Daile says:

    Lovely to see a post, but I am greedy and want photos as well…: )
    This is also me officially bugging Sharon (as directed) for some posts about her stay in NewYork with Cool Sarah. Lots of love to you all xx

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