Fun in the Snow!

We were very sad that our Christmas was not a “white” one.  We had hoped that our time with the Bradfords would include snow, but unfortunately the weather was not on our side.

However, the local resort had a ski mountain, and they were making snow so that people could ski.  So, we decided that it was worth a trip to at least let the girls have a play in the snow.  Even though it was “fake” snow, it was still “real” fun!

We took tons of photos, so this posts is going to be heavy on photos, light on dialog!  Enjoy!

Faith couldn't stop smiling! She was so excited to be in the snow.

Action shot - Faith in full swing!


Emma enjoying the snow fight.

Could she look any happier??

Scott and his girls.

Faith started carrying around big pieces of solid snow. Not sure what that was about!

All Faith wanted to do was "make a snow angel!" - there she is!

Showing that she was happy, even laying on the ground! Crazy kid!

Emma gives it a try! A bit more tentative, but she did it.

All smiles, even though our hands were getting very cold by this time!

Showing Daddy the snow!

Throwing the snow at Dad!

Emma took this photo of us! Great job Em, we'll have to get her on camera duty more often!

Us standing a few feet from the snow making machine - lots like we're really in the snow!


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  1. Daile says:

    Hello! Thanks for all the lovely photos, I can see you have been too busy to post! We missed you here over Christmas but are glad to see you had a great time. The ginger bread house looks fantastic, well done to all the creative contributors. xxxx

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