Ice Skating

One of the things that the girls really wanted to try while we were on Christmas vacation was ice skating.  Faith was super excited about it, Emma a little more hesitant, but they were both keen to give it a go.

Now, it should be mentioned here that I can not ice skate.  Not one bit.  So, you can imagine what it looked like having an adult who had no idea what she was doing, helping a child who couldn’t stay upright if you paid them money.  We were a sight.  I never strayed far from the edge, which was my lifeline to no broken wrists, or sore bottoms!

I didn’t end up skating for very long, because 3/4 of the way around the arena with Faith in tow, I let her go for a second – I promise it was only for a second, and of course, down she went – hard.  Oh, the tears!

I got Faith around the rest of the way, and got her out on the bench for a rest, thinking that she’d bounce back – Faith always bounces back – but not today!  Nope, she was done with ice skating.  It was as if she had been wronged by the ice!  She would not be persuaded to give it a second chance.

I really wanted some photos, so I left Faith sobbing quietly to herself on the bench, and had Scott take some photos of Emma and I hobbling around together!  I also took a photo of poor little Faith laying on the bench holding her sore bottom!  I thought it was definitely an ice skating classic!

Emma and I trying to stay upright together!

Emma doesn't look at all confident in my ability to keep her from falling! Smart girl!

Me and my girl! Happy to be upright!

Faith - not so happy after her fall! Note left hand on sore spot!

Ooowwww! I think that's what she's saying! So sad - but cute and funny as well!

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