The S’mores the Merrier!

Each year at Christmas, the Bradfords have a family tradition of lighting a fire on the porch (they have a firepit, they don’t have a death wish or anything – all very above board), and making s’mores.  I can’t tell you how excited Emma and Faith were about this tradition!

Christmas night was very chilly, but as the afternoon turned to evening the boys courageously stepped out into the chill to start the fire for us.  Last Christmas, when Scott was with them, the porch was covered in snow, so this year wasn’t quite the chilling adventure that last year had been.  However, it was still cold.

We didn’t stay out for too long, but definitely long enough to eat our fill of roasted marshmallows and chocolate.  Faith I think, had enough for at least two people, but she finally slowed down at the end!

Faith digs in!

The fire pit. Those are Faith's marshmallows roasting!

Sandi, Perry and Blake enjoying the firelight!

Faith lights one on fire!

Emma LOVED the s'mores! She would have kept eating them all night!

Faith came to give me a snuggle!

Helping keep each other warm!


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