Hello world!

Hello there… world.

So we’ve known about blogging for quite a while now. We have friends who have blogged quite extensively, for the purpose of keeping people ‘back home’ up to date with their life whilst they live abroad.

For us though, there was never the thought that we’d be bothered, mostly because not much changed, adventures were few and far between, and usually involved Queensland (nothing wrong with that, just that it’s what Victorian’s do in winter).

However… we are slack in sending photos of the family (mostly the kids, who are growing up far too quickly) to the extended family, and thought that it was time to make it easier for our families to have a peek into our lives.

In addition to that: we’re about to go on an adventure. Yep, Europe, baby! Neither of us have been to that part of the world (actually we’ve both only ever been to Papua New Guinea, the U.S. and Canada) and are looking forward to it very much.

Given that basically everywhere you go now in the first world there’s a wifi connection nearby, updating a blog will be fairly easy, so why not start one and use it to keep everyone jealous… I mean, informed, of what we’re up to.

Post-trip, we’ll keep the blog going and see what we can make of it.

So welcome to snsjohnson.com, and I hope that you enjoy catching up with what we’re doing. I’ll try not to waffle too much.

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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. The Parkers three says:

    Hooray!!!! Finally!!!! 😉

  2. Linda says:

    You have ‘only ever been to Papua New Guinea the U.S. and Canada’. You make it sound like ‘Oh, we’ve only been to Tassie, but we are planning to do some real overseas travel soon.’
    Thanks for keeping us informed of your travels via your blog.

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