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The Early Bird makes the Jam!

We only have one car at the moment, which means that if I want the car for the day, I have to drive Scott to work. Our friend Peter usually drives Scott to work in the mornings, but this week … Continue reading

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Texas and Parkers = Best Weekend Ever!

Let me start this post by saying, God is SO good! Last weekend, we went to Houston to visit our very close friends Woz and Em. When I say that God is good, it’s an understatement when thinking about being … Continue reading

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Free Phone Calls?

I started a post about setting up a VOIP phone here in the US that allowed us to make and receive phone calls to and from Australia cheaply, but it turned into a bit of an essay and I didn’t … Continue reading

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Bass Pro Shop (this one’s for Dave!)

On Saturday we went to Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World, just up the road in Leeds, AL. If you’re thinking, “that’s not really the Johnson’s thing”, you’d be right! We had spotted it on our trip to Atlanta a couple … Continue reading

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Scooters for the girls

Emma and Faith have wanted scooters for quite a while, so when I saw them on special at Walmart I thought, “why not”? So, here they are scooting around the car park at the apartment complex. I’m not comfortable with … Continue reading

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Tornado Shakes the State

This past week has been eventful, to say the least. We have had an incredible tragedy in the state of Alabama. The tornadoes that ripped through the state were so devastating, it’s hard to put into words, the sights that … Continue reading

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Reducing Blog Spam

When I first set up our blog, it was about a week before going on an extended overseas trip. We let quite a few friends and family now about it so that they could keep up with us as we … Continue reading

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