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One hundred and seven pennies for your thoughts?

I’m no expert on foreign currency exchange, but when it’s important to me I track it like a hawk: Especially now that we’re overseas earning US dollars and wanting to send some of those earnings back to Australia. With the … Continue reading

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Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we joined in at a local church for an Easter Egg Hunt! It was great fun. The girls loved being out and doing stuff with friends. The church put on a fantastic event. Not only did they have … Continue reading

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Pool Party

Emma had a sleepover at a friend’s house on Thursday night, which she loved. It’s been so much fun watching Emma build new relationships with some of the girls in her class at school. We were so worried about starting … Continue reading

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IKEA without the “Cool Sarah Backup Plan!”

Some of you are probably wondering about the title, and the reference to Cool Sarah. Some may have heard the story, so bare with me while I share the background! A couple years ago Scott and I needed a few … Continue reading

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Sunday at the Park

Last weekend we spent the afternoon with our new friends Peter and Maria Hickey. Maria’s Mum has been visiting from Puerto Rico, and was going home during the week, and they wanted some family photos taken. I offered to take … Continue reading

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Apartment – Phase 2

We have now had our furniture for a couple weeks! Yippee. It’s been great not having to sit on the floor any more. My back had definitely had enough of it, so it couldn’t have come at a better time. … Continue reading

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